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Space O 01:37
Weird Blues 02:06
I've got a weird blues surrounding me; I can't find my shoes or brush my teeth! And the train passes slowly by, it's okay today. I've got a weird blues surrounding me; I've been to the moon but I can't breathe! And the rain drips along the sides, it's okay today. Time waits for me to see a change; I make time wait for another day. I've got a weird blues, it's all in my head. I get to sleep at night but, I don’t go to bed. And the fan brings it all a hill, it's okay today. And the train passes slowly by, it's okay today.
In Line 04:37
I came in through your window sill, toothpick hand. I fought the ghosts right off the floor. A blue light hangs above the door, red light to the grave. The ceilings low and tile filled. It’s fine, alright! It’s all in line. A serpent sits upon the couch, coiled in the cracks. It’s yellowtail files fierce and free. I’m only who I’m meant to be, can’t change my path. The setting sun that rests has shone. The stairs are slick, scream and shine. Memory is at hand. Life is a game, a easy lie. I wish I’d understand. I left myself just standing by, farewell my stance. I’m off to see the lizard king. I’m only who I’m meant to be, can’t change my path. The setting sun that rests has shone.
Frosting 02:38
Rip it (Swanese gibberish) You ate my frosting, I set aside the butter knife. My cake is softening, no sugar coating for the mind. When you see me falling down, my frosting turns from white to brown. You ate my frosting, a solemn day I can't forget. Now I am wafting the smell of father's cigarette. (Brendan spits) C’mon baby, eat that frosting for me.
Observations 03:21
Hazel lies in the sky of white. Dots arrayed in a certain way connect. A tangled wire to aspire the lights. A broken switch, a little twitch, connect. It's not you, it's the night. You shake me loose, you might. Broken trees in a line of fire. Tonight, the stars are bright. My lungs are sore, my pores are poor. I'm new. Shake me down for my money how? I'm screwed. Alive to eat so I will survive, Who knew? Can't bear to look out tonight. I'm through. Observations making my skin rough. You're worth more than gazing, I'm in awe. Hope the light can travel faster now. Observations making my skin rough, tonight.
Hello, how are you? Yes, I'm great, I'm doing fine. A ship begins to fall. All that leaves is wasted time. No. Blue Jays in their trees, not alone for one to tell. Scrape across the breeze. I left my face on down the well. No. A new Dawn, new day, my color seems to stay cool. Gather up your socks, say a prayer for the fool. No.
From yesterday people seem far away, I just couldn't stay in tune. Down country winds and scary times, I implore myself to you. I'm trying to get a little more respect. I'm trying to be a little something else. Everything is new. Reframed water messing with my mind. Ecstatic face, a happy lie never looked so good. Can I dig myself into a garden elf where the elements chip the paint? Sidewalk made by lines, asphalt a friend of mine. Walking on the wait.
Blue 04:03
Filling up the bag, everything ain't quite so sad. I failed to appreciate everything that sealed my fate. Sometimes I wish it wasn't true, I'm blue. I travel by hot balloons, up over the shining moon. My green friends are all there. They drink champagne and have fine hair. Sometimes I wish the answers true, I'm blue. My desert home's all washed away, blues from the sky a grainy haze. The rainbow's red and colored too. The pot of gold is lost somewhere. Sometimes I sit and inhale fumes, I'm blue. And I just don't know what to do.
Tiny Man 03:27
Tiny Man lives in my head, he tells me when I should go to bed. He tells me which of the colors is red, and all he asks is that he be fed. Oh. Tiny Man what can I do? I'm in your head your in mine too. Tiny Man what can I say when I don't know how long you can stay? Tiny Man lives in my brain, but now it seems he caught his train. Everyone said a man with a cane just couldn't be real, I'm just insane. Oh. Don't leave me hanging, don't leave me hanging here. I'm always home. Call the telephone. Dresses me in all black. Tells me that I've got a knack for doing things and to never look back. But wonders what qualities I lack. Oh.
Fishin' 02:36
Me and you are like fish in the sea, I caught you and you caught me. We both took turns casting out, I never really had a doubt. All this wonder no longer prolonged, who knew Fishin could be so fun. I'll never stop to regret old ways, without thinking of my Fishin days. If I ever get Fishin again, I think I'd reel my pole back on before I catch something I can't keep, and leave myself on the water weeping. All this wonder no longer prolonged, who knew Fishin could be so wrong. I'll never stop to regret old ways, Without thinking of my Fishin days.
The Morning 03:36
Peeling chipped off paint. Steering to my place. Waiting to erase. Open up the gates. Blood from above, raining down like love On my head, happy day. I can't command everything I am. I'll worry and say okay. Empty out the pools. Stretching all the rules. Spinning balls of clay. Wake up every day. My heart can't take taking things like breaks. I'm stirring in my brain. What can you do when the world hates you? Just smile and say okay. The Morning's not far away.
I’m gonna give it back to you. If there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here while the moment lasts, I can’t imagine anyway. I’ve been in some kind of funk, can’t seem to get it done. Surrounding thoughts closing, abusing myself within. There’s no matter anyway. Give myself 50 days, to find myself 50 days. To get my letter sent to you. I wish I was there I’m true, I can’t imagine anyway. Upstairs, Man.
Eazy to Peel 05:37
Bigfoot Isn't real, you get my feel? Our land is so brown, leave your coat on. Not sure if you are lying, not sure how I feel. The fact that I am striving, makes me eazy to peel. In my small town, I surround time. With old time poems, outdated rhymes. It’s all gone, everything.
In my fixed situation I contemplate relations with a glove. I have left all the best thoughts and solemn patience on a rug. With my feet I will run, scraping up the ground. With my arms I will feel, all the air rush around my love, my love. I'm still trying, there's no denying your sweet love. I am stepping past the edge, of your sweet love. In the day we had life, one I never knew. It was safe for awhile, dust gone through the roof in the back of my car, screaming like a clown. At the end of the night, we were both let down, my love, my love.


Our debut record featuring 22 friends & musicians

All Hail The King of Kollaboration. I have experienced Ryne Clarke and his various musical permutations ever since a friend gave me a copy of The Preserver's first CD three years ago. Caught them live shortly thereafter and the hook was firmly set. In three years my ears have been treated to music skipping across the pond of genres with a shifting crew of band members. One big bonus has been Mister Clarke's ability to collaborate with, and promote, other musicians and bands in the area. He has brought several groups we might have never enjoyed to Lowell (the epi-center for all that is good, wholesome, and Ryne) to share with his audience through sessions recorded - one might even say "Preserved" - at Kargl Studios and/or Lowell Arts. (see www.ryneshyne.club - click on "Music Sessions").

Having been around artists of various stripes for decades, Ryne's willingness to collaborate, include, and cross promote is more the exception than the rule. He works hard at his craft and equally hard helping others share their talent. Please take the time to read the credits for the 14 tracks - what a treat to see all the friends included in this effort as well as the variety of instruments used. Slap some headphones on and scout out the accordion, cello, glockenspiel, theremin, and electric kazoo. I double Alien Dog Dare ya to catch the drill on "Observations".

Given his appreciation for "old" music n vinyl, it should come as no surprise to you that this album is best experienced as an entire musical meal as one song flows into another. Sure, you can snarf up a snack of your favorite tune, but the Experience is way more best if you invest the time for a start-to-finish session.

IMHO - ain't nothing hokey about "Hokey": Five Stars.

Cliff Yankovich


released December 19, 2018

Written by Ryne from 2016 to 2018
Produced and Engineered by Ryne & Band
Mixed by Jerry Wenger
Mastered by Don Carlisle at Knavish Audio
Recorded November 2017 to November 2018 at Kargl Studios & Upstairs, Man Studios
Cover Shot by Jeff Armstrong
Text/Art Design by Jeremy Kargl


all rights reserved



the Ryne Experience Lowell, Michigan

Born out of Lego ashes that never ignited, the Ryne EXP was born with singer songwriter Ryne Clarke and his friends. Anywhere from mindless static to lush pop tunes. The experience is what you get out of it.

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