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Funky Town

by the Ryne Experience

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Paul Mashake 03:30
Roasted face, sun dried shave. Robbed a man of his name. In turmoil of getting away. On the run Paul MaShake. Nameless dude got real rude. Searched MaShake and ran aray. Jumping cars, real bizarre. On the hunt Paul MaShake. He must reclaim his name. Pointing a finger to blame. The two burst into flames. I’ll tell you. Paul Mashake walked away.
Canopy 03:15
The sound of sitar woke me. Mountain air in the breeze. I want to believe. Silently drifting from mediation. To sleep that I hope to keep. Carolina sun and music amongst us. We spin, we play, we pack away. Green leafs of different shades. Tree trunks arrayed in lines. Up above mountain views canopy. All turned blue and fine. And I will climb a mountain so fine. It’s time to see the lushus green on the hillside. Turning evergreen. The atmosphere is weightless. It’s getting harder to breathe. I feel the breeze. Broken glass and fresh green grass. People I just haven’t met. Road side stops and stupid cops. On my way back home to gray.
The Message 03:18
Why I care, I can’t say. Words fall out and quickly decay. Empty staircase, knocking at your door. Handle turned and quickly ignored. You wouldn’t say that you need some time away. And I did believe the message I received. I know it’s true. When I wake, rolling thunder across my face. Trying to find a place to wait for the bus. Empty tombs, ancient served wounds. Some that come too soon, and some too late to go.
NFC 02:44
Wonderful imperfect rows. A cooling feeling left to grow. Flowers rooted in their pots. Soil don’t abandon us. Trees look good from inside. Their true beauty darkly hides. Sleeping on a moss-lit floor. Your eyes are burning more and more. Sweet endearment is all I want When you can’t feel it anymore. When I pull a drag off you. I get relieve down to my shoes. A tingly feeling from the lack of air. It feels my lungs the taste is there. Burning, Burning, down to what? My teeth concretely smeared yellow smut. The plastic wrapped around a case. Jumps my heart up to a race.
Bleeding this feeling from a cut on my hand, hands interleaving, a harmonious act. Noise from the ceiling when there's nobody there. There is a reason I can tell, all is well. If I could shake it off, I would, can't deny. But it's hard to replace those eyes. Breathe in new meaning, things hard to demand. Demand what you're feeling, wouldn't that be grand? Hope you're believing when treason's at hand. There is a reason I can tell, all is well. If I could shake it off, I would, can't deny. But it's hard to replace those eyes.
Inner Run 03:08
Accordingly we stand in line. Face everyday, and everynight. And suddenly, time to decide. What else to burn and carry light. But it seems that I don’t know. All the things I used to know. Can’t contain my inner run. Where’s my brain, my heart, and my lungs? Your weary head up against mine. That tingle ring felt from inside. I’m wondering if I can fly. Just like the planes and fill the skies.
Falling 03:40
I see the river, the millers, sundown. The people are frizzy, too busy, right now. When I’m falling I feel. When I’m bawling I feel. When I’m crawling I feel. When I’m falling I feel fine. My vision is straining, I’m blazing, eyes down. I’m looking at the mirror, it’s clearer, right now. But it’s too soon to change my mind, alright. Goodbye.
Ope 04:43
My head is spinning inside-out. Nervous tension full of doubt. Makes me turn my head and shout. I need some sleep. In a chair I feel okay. Till the spinning starts again. Spewing out my toxic day I make amends. My soul did fly away. May it grow old and true. The ceilings not far away. When you’re looking for the moon. Reading wisdom from the man. Music spinning on the stand. Eb and flowing, coexist. I learn to breathe. Awe and wonder filled my night. The things discovered were alright. A new day is a new life. I feel relieved.
Moonrise 03:50
Moonrise, compromise all this time. Mesmerised, captivated by the rise. Feeling fine, any time the sun goes down. Realised, the starless nights I have found. It’s that shining light. Brighter than the noon day sun. Light pollution fights. The natural glow of awe tonight. Moonrise, seperate my time spent wrong. Surprise, you’ve been with trouble all night long. Closer ties, the railroad train whistle blows. Open eyes, through mistakes there’s things to know. And I bid you a fair fair farewell, moonrise.
Funky Town 04:38
I’ve seen bad things turned getting worse. No place safer than this old earth. On a plant spinning, going round. Live a little take me on down. Funky town, fiddle around. Won’t you come on down to funky town? I’ve seen these people they have orange eyes. Wonder under my dreamt up cries. Wide awake and I’m still sat down. Live a little take me on down. This town is so funky No man could describe. But when you break that fiddle out. You know I’ll lose my mind.


3rd album for The Ryne Experience out via Under the Counter Tapes, a psychedelic alt-country concept album about identity theft, amnesia, love, loss, murder, and insanity.

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released April 20, 2020

All songs written and engineered by Ryne Clarke from February 2018 to July 2019.

Recorded at Upstairs, Man Studios, Kargl Studios, and Clear Sky Tech in Lowell, MI, and at Warren Wilson Sound Lab in Swannanoa, NC from December 2018 to September 2019.

Mixed by Jerry Wenger.
Mastered by Don Carlisle at Knavish Audio in Grand Rapids, MI.

Album cover and CD/Vinyl record back by Maddie Burt.
CD inside, newspaper booklet, and art design by Jeremy Kargl.

Ryne: Vocals, guitars, 11 string guitar, lead guitar on 5 and 10, bass on 1 and 5, keys, synth, organ, meloldica, accordion, banjo, uke, harmonica, electric kazoo, organ drums on 5, vibraslap, yeti mug, and noises.

Mitchell Evink: Bass on 2,3, and 7, Cello on 5 and 9

Leo Guth: Spoons on "Ope"

Justin: Muse, Fireworks and Screeching on "Ope"

Alex Jones: Vibraslap on "NFC"

Jeremy Kargl: Lead guitar on 3, bass on 6, acoustic guitar on 5 and 10, sprinkles

Patrick Kargl: Drums

Mitch Petersen: Chooch rip on "Funky Town"

Sheena: cries on "Moonrise"

Ben Steer: Bass, and hand percussion on "Moonrise", Mandolin on "Funky Town"

Matt Strubler: Acoustic guitar on "The Message"

Corrina Wenger: Bass on 4 and 8, Keys on "Falling"

Jerry Wenger: Lead guitar on 1,2,6,7, and 8, Bass and backing vocal on "Funky Town"

ANG: Backing vocals on "Paul Mashake"


all rights reserved



the Ryne Experience Lowell, Michigan

Born out of Lego ashes that never ignited, the Ryne EXP was born with singer songwriter Ryne Clarke and his friends. Anywhere from mindless static to lush pop tunes. The experience is what you get out of it.

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